5 Top Moves To Flatten The Lower Belly

November 1, 2018

Many people, both women, and men, often notice that fat gradually begins to be deposited in the lower abdomen, causing many complexes. The abdomen can grow from an abnormal lifestyle, sudden weight loss, in women after childbirth, as a result of slow metabolism or because of the physiological characteristics of the body. Nevertheless, regardless of the reasons for such unpleasant changes in the body, women are trying to find out all possible ways how to flatten the lower abdomen. There are several effective methods to remove fat deposits in the lower abdomen at home. When asked how to remove fat in this area, nutritionists and sports trainers recommend adhering to two important rules – to monitor the quality of a diet and to perform special exercises on a regular basis. Try these 5 top moves to flatten the lower belly and you will love the results:

Plank. Start from a plank position. Hold it for ten seconds.

Mountain climbers. Start from a pushup position and lift your left knee to your right elbow. Do the same with the other knee.


Assisted Roll-up. Lie on the floor and put your arms straight behind your head. Roll your body up until you appear in a sitting position.


Leg raise. Hang on a chin-up bar and bend your knees to the chest.

#1. Plank

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